Quality Painting Services

If you are looking to modernize the appearances of your home or renovate your office. 

Look no further, Auckland's painters team is ready to create immaculate looking walls

Interior Painting

Whether you are undertaking a renovation, or simply want to freshen up your home. At Tradesman Group, we are provide quality service of plastering and painting. We complete small and large scale paint jobs, so you can choose to redecorate anything from a single wall in your office, or a relaxing shade for bedroom walls.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is always a top priority for maintenance as it has to endure with the extreme weather on daily basis. It can be stressful to maintain the quality of your home. Our team with experience painters, we will provide a good preparation before apply fresh coats of paints to give your home a modernize looks and long-lasting finish. 

Commercial Painting

Every business wants to look to its best when dealing with the public and what a better way to enhance your brand with a fresh coat of paint. With precise and professional color matching techniques, our staff will prepare and paint every surface to perfection.

At Tradesman Group, we focus not only on painting but also GIB Lining, Plastering and Tilling. So you can rest assured that your renovation project can be done all in one package without stress. Our team members are all professionally trained, therefore reliability, communication and quality are our top priorities.

GIB Lining




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